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We goofed!

Some of you have commented that┬áthe original survey did not have any way to share your information with us, in order to enter the book giveaway. For any of you who submitted the survey before 7:30am PST on Sunday, April 23rd, please fill out this quick form┬áto let us know who qualifies for our book... Continue Reading →

April 16- Resurrection Sunday

OPENING PRAYER: A PRAYER FOR EASTER (Revised Common Lectionary, 2002) Creator of the universe, you made the world in beauty, and restore all things in glory through the victory of Jesus Christ. We pray that, wherever your image is still disfigured by poverty, sickness, selfishness, racism, war and greed, the new creation in Jesus Christ... Continue Reading →

April 15- Holy Saturday

OPENING PRAYER: A PRAYER FOR HOLY SATURDAY (Revised Common Lectionary, 2002) Almighty God, Your name is glorified even in the anguish of your Son's death. Grant us the courage to receive your anointed servant who embodies a wisdom and love that is foolishness to the world. Empower us in witness so that all the world... Continue Reading →

April 14- Good Friday

OPENING PRAYER: A PRAYER FOR GOOD FRIDAY (Revised Common Lectionary, 2002) In this holy time, as we remember the sacrifice of the cross, we offer the prayers of our hearts, that through them we may be transformed to be servants of justice, love and peace. Make us steadfast witnesses of our Savior's reign, that we... Continue Reading →

April 13- Day 44 of Lent

OPENING PRAYER: A PRAYER FOR MAUNDY THURSDAY (Revised Common Lectionary, 2002) Eternal God, in the sharing of a meal your son established a new covenant for all people, and in the washing of feet he showed us the dignity of service. Grant that by the power of your Holy Spirit these signs of our life... Continue Reading →

April 12- Day 43 of Lent

OPENING PRAYER: A Prayer for Holy Wednesday (Revised Common Lectionary, 2002) Christ our God, your love is poured out in death for our sakes. Hold us in your embrace as we wait for Easter's dawn. Comfort us with the promise that no power on earth, not even death itself, can separate us from your love;... Continue Reading →

April 11- Day 42 of Lent

OPENING PRAYER: A PRAYER FOR HOLY TUESDAY (Revised Common Lectionary, 2002) Faithful Midwife, as you delivered the Hebrews safely out of the long labor of slavery, so, morning by morning, you draw us forth into the new day. Surround us with a cloud of witnesses, and sustain us by your powerful word, that, in the... Continue Reading →

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